We unite online-education with virtual reality

Virtual reality came to the real life from video games and sci-fi movies. At this very moment we’re designing a new platform for learning English, using virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

By 2020 we will launch a platform, where everyone will be able to learn English, using VR, without leaving the house.

Keep me informed the first releases!

About Skyeng VR

SkyEng VR platform is meant to simplify the process of studying by helping the student immerse himself into English. The platform will be able to simulate any communicative situation the student has to master, whether it is an interview at the embassy or just buying coffee ‘to go’.

No more drilling! Our students will live through every situation as if they were real. The teacher will be more like a mentor who guides the student, while the system analyzes the current situation and develops visual tips and recommendations to simplify learning English.

Our main principles

Communication with your teacher within the context of real life situations and live mastering of language patterns
Interactive real-time studying with the feeling that everything that’s going on is real
Language environment is now in your house. All you have to do is put on VR glasses and launch the program

Devices ecosystem

VR Glasses
VR Glasses
Smart Watch
Smart Watch

A platform at the edge of digital technology

Technologies Technologies

SkyEng is the largest online English school in the CIS market nowadays

11 300
1 400
1 000 000
Successfully taught lessons
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Our mission

We help people achieve quick results on learning English and thereby take another step to success. We want every person on Earth to be able to learn English fast without leaving the house. That’s why we are building a VR platform to provide full English immersion while studying. In order to accomplish all our goals, we want to put together an outstanding team and have every member contribute to the development of the school. The most talented ones will be able to move to the office in Silicon Valley and work on the VR platform.

The best way to learn English is through immersion, but not everyone has a chance to move to another country. Our new project will allow the students to immerse themselves in English with the help of VR without leaving the house.

We are looking for



Project manager

Ready to make difficult decisions and be responsible for the result

Has got experience in managing a team of 3 or more people

Has got basic knowledge in project management, understands all phases of work: from the problem statement to projecting, designing and developing

Knows how to give assignments to designers and programmers, knows what Gantt chart is

Knows how to start projects and plan their growth for a year ahead

Can tell apart the important stuff from the unimportant one and manage their time

Can’t imagine life without Agile

Works 25/8

Values other people’s time and knows the difference between the process and the result

Believes that every person is valuable, the key is to find the right approach

We expect them to be hardworking and communicative. They are the ones who will be in charge of the new VR platform, of bonding the team and leading the project from MVP to success.

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Dogged in their pursuit of detail

A perfectionist to the bone, but knows when to stop and makes a product as viable as possible

A team player even if they live on a desert island

Knows how to document and test your code

Knows classic algorithms and data structures

Understands and can use the OOP principles

Can work in an environment of increasing uncertainty, short deadlines and brief iterations

Can figure out their own and someone else’s code and suggest some options of improving the product

Keeps up with trends in software development and programming language development

Likes to experiment with innovative technologies

We expect them to be accurate and attentive to detail and ready to immerse themselves into our project. They are the ones who will be in charge of the infrastructure and workability of the new VR platform.

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Talented and ambitious

Good at UI/UX

Ready to master new technologies really fast

Has got 3D-modeling skills or would like to learn how to do it

Has got some finished projects in their portfolio and not just pretty mock-ups

Knows how to make something convenient and elegant

Knows how to make sketches, interfaces, designs and polish them

Understands the principles of usability and human-centered design

Gets along well with developers and can speak Tech

Keeps up with design trends

We expect them to show some involvement and impact. They are the ones who will be in charge of the new VR platform’s looks, its user interface and the VR world our students will see.

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